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In the growing community of Bloomfield, CT, finding a general contractor capable of building and maintaining robust infrastructure is crucial. Whether you’re dealing with unreliable drainage, crumbling foundations, or the need for precise excavation for utilities, each challenge can disrupt your daily activities and delay your projects. You need a general contractor who can swiftly address these issues with solutions that ensure long-lasting quality.

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From laying down the new foundations of your dream home to installing complex sewer systems for your business, MRC Excavation and Construction offers a full spectrum of services:

  • New Foundations: As concrete foundation contractors and commercial foundation contractors, we specialize in constructing durable, solid bases for both residential and commercial buildings. Our expertise ensures your structure is built on a foundation meant to last.
  • Site Work: Our site work contractors manage all preparatory work on your property, including clearing, grading, and landscaping, ensuring the site is perfectly prepped for construction or any specific land management needs.
  • Concrete Work: From foundations to decorative concrete patios, our concrete patio contractor skills extend to creating beautiful, functional outdoor spaces while ensuring structural integrity in all concrete installations.
  • Drainage: Tackling water management effectively, our drainage contractors design and implement comprehensive drainage systems to prevent flooding and erosion, protecting your property’s value and functionality.
  • Drywells: Specializing in dry well concrete systems, we install these to manage and redirect excess water, crucial for maintaining the landscape’s integrity and preventing water damage to structures.
  • Excavation: As an experienced excavation company, we handle everything from digging for new foundations to complex site preparations, ensuring every excavation meets high safety and precision standards.
  • Sewer: Our sewer services include installation, maintenance, and repair of sewer lines, essential for maintaining proper sanitation and functionality at your property.
  • New Construction: Our new construction services cover all phases of building new structures, from initial design to final construction, ensuring seamless project execution under the guidance of our skilled commercial contractors.
  • Site Work: As your commercial contractor, we expertly handle all aspects of site work, from land clearing and grading to foundation preparation, ensuring a solid base for any construction project in Bloomfield.
  • Gas Lines: Installing and repairing gas lines requires precision and safety; our certified technicians ensure your gas systems meet local regulations and safety standards.
  • Water Lines: We install and maintain water lines, crucial for providing a consistent and reliable supply of water to homes and businesses.
  • Utility Trenching: As a proficient trenching company, we provide utility trenching services that are efficient and minimally invasive, ensuring utilities are laid with the least disruption to your daily operations.
  • Drainage Solutions: As specialists in drainage solutions, we provide tailored water management systems to prevent flooding and protect both residential and commercial properties in Bloomfield from water damage.
  • Sewer Lines: Our sewer line services ensure that both new installations and repairs are conducted with the utmost efficiency, prioritizing your property’s long-term sanitation needs.
  • Asphalt Work: Our asphalting services range from paving new driveways to repairing existing roads and parking lots, all performed with a focus on durability and finish.
  • New Foundations: As commercial foundation contractors, we build durable foundations for commercial properties, ensuring stability and safety with high-quality materials and precise techniques.
  • Foundations: As a commercial building contractor, we repair and reinforce existing foundations, using modern techniques to address wear and enhance structural integrity.

Contact us at (860) 461-5063 for a free estimate. Whether it’s laying a new foundation or crafting a detailed drainage system, as your go-to general contractor, we’re here to ensure your projects in Bloomfield, CT, are successful and stress-free.

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